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Organizations are increasingly interested in making design-to-cost an integral part of their product development process. In November 2015, APQC conducted research on the shift to a product development approach focused on design-to-cost. During this podcast, APQC's Andrea Stroud discusses highlights from the research findings.

For more detailed information on this research, see the Effectively Setting Product and Component Cost Targets and Designing to Them whitepaper.

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APQC's Andrea Stroud talks to author and business consultant Kate Vitasek about a fresh perspective and a new lens for thinking about supplier relationships

Key takeaways include:

  • Why some of the worlds’ most popular sourcing strategies are incomplete for today’s modern procurement challenges
  • Why and when it is essential to make the shift from “buying” to “architecting” supplier relationships
  • How systems thinking can optimize supplier relationships 
  • How to apply Sourcing Business Model theory for any spend category 

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Mick Simonelli, Innovation Consultant and former senior executive who built USAA's Innovation Program, and Mike Fitzgerald, Innovation Leader and Senior Analyst with Celent, examine current innovation activity in banks, insurers, and securities firms. They analyze responses to multiple surveys of financial services professionals conducted over the past two years and discuss

  • measuring the importance of innovation to business strategy,
  • identifying and promoting the key benefits to innovation, and
  • discovering and overcoming the common barriers to implementation.

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In early 2015, APQC fielded a survey focused on determining current supply chain management priorities and trends. During this podcast, APQC’s Andrea Stroud and Becky Partida discuss their findings from the research, along with current and future trends in supply chain.

APQC’s research program managers, Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland and Andrea Stroud discuss best practices in product and project portfolio management including establishing a standardized project submission process; applying value and risk assessments for project prioritization and selection; overcoming roadblocks or opportunities through structured reviews; and ensuring compliance, standardization, and continuous improvement.


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