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Join APQC's Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland, process and performance management research program manager, and Sarina Paul, former group general manager of quality and operational excellence for Transfield Services and former executive director of advisory services for APQC, as they discuss Sarina's experience using APQC's Process Classification Framework® at Transfield Services. During this podcast Sarina and Holly discuss the biggest challenges in organization-wide process management, tactics for employee engagement, and how Transfield integrated process, quality, and knowledge management to optimize its process journey.

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APQC CEO Dr. Carla O'Dell recently interviewed Peter Korsten, Vice President and Partner, IBM, and a new member of APQC’s Board of Directors for her Big Thinkers, Big Ideas series They discussed the challenges of building strategy in a fast moving world and what the role of benchmarking might be.

APQC’s research program managers, Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland and Andrea Stroud discuss best practices in product and project portfolio management including establishing a standardized project submission process; applying value and risk assessments for project prioritization and selection; overcoming roadblocks or opportunities through structured reviews; and ensuring compliance, standardization, and continuous improvement.

APQC's John G. Tesmer, director, open standards benchmarking, and Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland, process and performance management program manager, answer questions from Process Classification Framework (PCF) users on:

  • Best Practices to align policy and procedures with PCF
  • Recommended approach for mapping metrics to PCF processes
  • Which organization in the company typically "owns" the deployment of the PCF?
  • Can we use the PCF in risk management and internal audit departments?

You can view entire Process and Performance Management Webinar: Putting the PCF into Action in the APQC Knowledge Base for free.

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