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APQC CEO, Dr. Carla O'Dell, recently interviewed Chip Heath, and asked Chip about confirmation bias and his newest book, Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work. Chip is a professor at Stanford University, and along with his brother Dan Heath, is a master at taking complex ideas based on cognitive science research and translating them into actionable advice. The Heath Brothers have had best sellers with Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die and Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard.

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APQC CEO, Dr. Carla O'Dell, recently interviewed Larry Prusak, co-author of Working Knowledge: How Organizations Manage What They Know, as part of APQC’s Big Thinkers, Big Ideas series to discuss the concept of wisdom and how leaders get it.

APQC CEO Dr. Carla O'Dell interviewed Ed Hoffman, Chief Knowledge Officer at NASA. Their conversation took unexpected turns: it ranged from why fear is needed if you want big change to what a CKO does in NASA (and how to discover the critical 5% of knowledge that matters) to what happens when the cowboy culture of Elon Musk’s SpaceX collides with a perfectionist culture like NASA’s.

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APQC CEO Dr. Carla O'Dell interviewed the quintessential Big Thinker/Big Idea man himself, Dr. Tom Davenport on what the future will be like for knowledge workers.

Tom has written or co-authored 16 bestselling business books and is one of Harvard Business Review’s most frequently published authors.   He has been named one of 10 “Masters of the New Economy” by CIO Magazine and the third leading business-strategy analyst (just behind Peter Drucker and Tom Friedman) by Optimize Magazine. He is also a friend and on APQC’s Board of Directors.

APQC CEO Dr. Carla O'Dell recently interviewed Peter Korsten, Vice President and Partner, IBM, and a new member of APQC’s Board of Directors for her Big Thinkers, Big Ideas series They discussed the challenges of building strategy in a fast moving world and what the role of benchmarking might be.

APQC CEO,Dr. Carla O'Dell, interviewed Alex Pentland, head of the Human Dynamics Laboratory at the MIT Media Lab and keynote speaker on May 1, 2015 at APQC’s KM Conference.  He and his team have collected data, using RFID badges, on hundreds of thousands of interactions between people in companies and governments. They have found that the greater the flow of ideas within a group, the more productive it is.  That makes sense, right? Sharing good ideas and best practices rapidly, as well as harvesting the best ideas from a diverse group of people, should lead to improvement if the conditions are right.

APQC CEO, Dr. Carla O'Dell, recently interviewed Dr. David Eagleman, New York Times Best Selling Author and neuroscientist, as part of APQC’s Big Thinkers, Big Ideas series on tacit knowledge, how we learn, and why getting off autopilot is good for your brain and for your organization.

Bob Buckman has been leading the charge to share knowledge since he was CEO of Buckman Laboratories. APQC CEO, Dr. Carla O'Dell, interviewed him recently for APQC's Big Thinkers, Big Ideas series, and noticed the reason executives want knowledge sharing to work hasn’t changed much with time: the need for rapid response in the face of changing markets and customer expectations.

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