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May 12, 2021  


In a virtual or hybrid workplace, people of all generations need to use technology to collaborate and communicate effectively. In this podcast, APQC’s Mercy Harper talks with three guests—Jude Cohen, Social Strategist at Ogilvy (Millennial), Lauren Trees, Principal Research Lead for Knowledge Management at APQC (Gen X), and Cindy Hubert, Executive Director of Client Solutions at APQC (Baby Boomer)—about what leaders can do to smooth out generational differences for effective virtual collaboration. This podcast is part two of a two-part podcast. For part one, see “How Different Generations Experience Virtual Collaboration.”

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May 5, 2021  

Do Millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers communicate and collaborate differently in the virtual workplace? To find out, APQC’s Mercy Harper invited three guests from three different generations to talk about their experience: Jude Cohen, Social Strategist at Ogilvy (Millennial), Lauren Trees, Principal Research Lead for Knowledge Management at APQC (Gen X), and Cindy Hubert, Executive Director of Client Solutions at APQC (Baby Boomer). This podcast is part one of a two-part podcast. Remember to tune in next week for part two, see “How Leaders can Improve Cross Generational Collaboration in the Virtual Workplace.” 

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APQC CEO Carla O'Dell spoke with Cal Newport as part of the "Big Thinkers, Big Ideas" interview series. The bestselling author of Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World, Newport is an assistant professor at George Washington University and the author of numerous bestselling titles. He spoke with O'Dell about "deep work" and the need to balance collaboration with private space to focus in the face of many distractors.

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