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In this August 2016 edition of APQC’s monthly research program manager interview, Michael Sims, research specialist at APQC. talks Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland, research program manager in the area of process and performance management about change management for building a data-driven culture.

Topics discussed include:

  • Why being data driven is important
  • How to build the business case for becoming data driven
  • Change Management tactics for shifting to a data-driven culture

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Mary Driscoll, senior research fellow at APQC in financial management, discusses the findings of her recent survey: Finance Improvement Today—Plan to Apply Beautiful Minds

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APQC CEO Carla O’Dell recently talked with Stuart Frankel as part of the Big Thinkers, Big Ideas interview series. Frankel is the CEO and a co-founder of Narrative Science, a Chicago-based technology company that is a leader in advanced natural language generation (NLG), which turns data into a text story about the data. Frankel shared with O’Dell details around NLG and data storytelling, and its importance in the KM space.

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