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Yesterday’s workforce planning won’t cut it today. Find out why and what needs to change in this APQC human capital management podcast, sponsored by T.H. Easter Consulting. APQC’s Rachele Collins interviews APQC’s Elissa Tucker, principal research lead, human capital management. Elissa describes the three A's of upgraded strategic workforce planning programs: accountability, agility, and analytics. Then, Terri Hartwell Easter, principal of T.H. Easter Consulting shares her perspective on this topic.

For more information on strategic workforce planning see the APQC report: Strategic Workforce Planning: Best and Next Practices Report.

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Leadership is an important area of interest for people managers. While methods and concepts may change over time, there are still key aspects of leadership that remain the same. In this APQC podcast, research specialist Michael Cappelli interviews Elissa Tucker, APQC's research program manager in HCM, on the importance of leadership to people managers.

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APQC’s Michael Cappelli interviews his colleague Elissa Tucker about the people challenges that get in the way of productivity and quality improvement. Tucker shares the people challenges that she frequently hears about in her work as APQC’s human capital management research program manager, common misconceptions about managing people, and her favorite blogs, Twitter feeds, and newsletters on the topic of people management and leadership.

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In 2016, APQC made a strategic change in our research agenda to expand our Human Capital Management (HCM) expertise beyond the HR function to include issues that all managers of both people and process face. Elissa Tucker, Research Program Manager in HCM at APQC recently spoke on the many ways HCM applies to an organization.

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Eighty-nine percent of respondents to an APQC survey said their organizations use mentoring to help employees develop skills and competencies. They also ranked mentoring among the top two approaches to accelerate learning and development, with 59 percent rating it as effective or very effective. In this podcast, research program managers Elissa Tucker and Lauren Trees address audience questions from their March 2016 joint KM/HCM webinar “Workplace Mentoring for Technical and Nontechnical Audiences.

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Predictive workforce analytics isn’t just an HR issue. In this podcast, APQC’s human capital management research program manager, Elissa Tucker, interviews Greta Roberts, co-founder and CEO of Talent Analytics, Corp. Greta will be a keynote speaker at the Predictive Analytics World for Workforce conference (April 3-6, 2016, San Francisco). In this podcast, Greta discusses the many business problems that predictive workforce analytics can help companies solve. Hear her provide examples of how brand-name companies today are using predictive workforce analytics. Find out what she thinks about reports that there is a shortage of data scientist talent. (Her answer might surprise you). Greta will explain what business leaders need and don’t need to know about predictive workforce analytics. And, she shares her predictions for new uses of predictive workforce analytics that are on the horizon.

PredictiveAnalytics World for Workforce
, April 3-6, 2016 in San Francisco, is the premier workforce analytics event for HR professionals, business leaders, line of business managers, and analytics practitioners. This global, cross-industry event covers predictive solutions to today's greatest workforce challenges. Join Greta Roberts and APQC when you register today with 15% off code APQC15.

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