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APQC’s Ron Webb, executive director of Open Standards Benchmarking, stats hub, and information systems, and Christy Aroopala, senior research statistician explore APQC’s methodology for driving decision making using process performance and benchmarking data. They discuss how to use basic statistical methods to identify meaningful findings and improve your business processes and will use real-life examples from process improvement projects on cycle time and customer satisfaction to illustrate the methodology. They will also share:

  •  Applying business process analytics for substantive process improvements
  •  Identifying relevant process data to support decision making
  •  Taking your benchmarking projects to the next level.

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David Doney, Vice-President of Internal Audit at SIRVA, Inc and Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland answer questions on data visualization. These questions include:

  • how to identify and communicate the key message types contained in a dataset
  • best practices for using bar, pie, histogram, and scatterplot displays
  • analytical techniques such as indexing and normalization
  • framework for conducting a data analysis project

You can view entire Process and Performance Management Webinar: Best Practices in Data Visualization, in APQC’s Knowledge Base.

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