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APQC research has shown that one of the biggest mistakes that KM programs make is not identifying and systematically addressing the obstacles that block employees from contributing, accessing, and reusing knowledge. The research has found the first step in developing an effective KM change management strategy is recognizing those barriers. In 2013, APQC partnered with its KM advanced workshop to identify ten barriers to enterprise knowledge sharing. Over a series of KM podcasts, all ten of these barriers will be addressed.On this podcast, APQC executive director Cindy Hubert and KM research program manager Lauren Trees address the barrier of awareness.

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In this February 2016 Knowledge Management podcast, APQC research specialist Ken Hayman spoke with research services KM program manager Lauren Trees about some KM basics for the uninitiated, including: 

  • what first steps to take when developing a KM strategy for your organization
  • a roadmap to help organizations design, implement, and sustain KM programs
  • identifying critical knowledge and making it available to employees and
  • various approaches to improve knowledge flow inside organizations.

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CEO Carla O’Dell and KM Research Program Manager Lauren Trees talked on the topic of cognitive computing and addressed some of the great questions submitted by our audience during the January 2016 KM community call Carla and Lauren hosted, entitled “KM in 2016 and Beyond: Questions and Predictions.

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